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⮚ Synthesis (Modified sol-gel) and Characterizations of NBT and BT based materials

⮚ Structure correlated optical and electrical properties.

⮚ Theoretical and Experimental insight on phonon modes and their correlation with structure.

⮚ Defect states studies using valence state analysis of XPS spectra.

⮚ Ferroelectric, dielectric, Magneto-Dielectric and electrocaloric properties of perovskites.

(Master’s Thesis at NIT Rourkela, India)

⮚ Synthesis using a modified sol-gel process, and its Characterizations.

⮚ Structural and Dielectric properties of Ca modified BaTiO3.


(Summer Internship at IIT Bhubaneswar, India)

⮚ Hydrothermal Synthesis and characterizations of CuWO4 and Graphene reduced CuWO4 nanostructures

⮚ Electrode preparation and supercapacitor application using Cyclic voltammetry.

(Summer Internship at CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar)

⮚ Hydrothermal and Microwave synthesis of CuO nanostructures

⮚ Electrochemical measurements and their correlation with the morphology

⮚ Application of the prepared materials as glucose sensors

  • 2022 (MAR): Short talk at Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) held at IIT Indore

  • 2022 (SEP): Invited Oral Presentation at 5th Virtual Congress on Materials Science & Engineering held online.

  • 2021 (NOV): Oral Presentation at International Conference on Technologies for Smart Green Connected Society 2021 (ICTSGS)

  • 2021 (MAR): Oral Presentation at International Conference on Current Trends in Material Science and Engineering (CTMSE)

  • 2021  (FEB): Poster Presentation at International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN)

  • 2020  (AUG): Participated in International Webinar on Frontiers in Experimental Physics (IWFEP)

  • 2019 (DEC): Oral Presentation at 2nd International Conference on processing and characterization of materials (ICPCM) held at NIT-Rourkela

  • 2017 (SEPT): International School on Fundamental Crystallography and Workshop on Structural Phase Transitions: A Satellite School of 24th IUCr Congress, 2017 at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela.

⮚ XRD (Bruker D2 Phaser).

⮚ RT, High Temp., and Frequency-dependent Dielectric measurements (Newton’s 4th Ltd. Phase Sensitive Multimeter)

⮚ Room Temp. PE Loop Tracer (Marine India)

⮚ UV- Vis (Research India Spectrophotometer).

⮚ Raman Spectrophotometer (HORIBA Scientific Lab-RAM HR Evolution Spectrometer).

⮚ FESEM (Zeiss supra-55)

⮚ EDS (Oxford Instruments, X-MaxN)

⮚ Cyclic voltammetry (Kanopy), Inova

⮚ Spin coating, CVD (two-zone furnace)

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